12.21.2012 Park City Crow Cannons

21 December 2012 by Sgt. Bill Hickey

 General Growth Properties (GGP), the owning/managing company of Park City Center is implementing a number of efforts to deter the number of crows congregating on the roof of the mall. GGP has applied for a noise variance from the City of Lancaster. GGP is arranging a number of crow effigies in order to keep crows from landing on the roof. 

        If the effigies prove to be ineffective, GGP will use propane cannons to use sound to scare the crows away from the property. The use of the cannons will not start before Thursday December 27th, 2012. These cannons have been used in the past for the same purpose. 

        GGP has applied for and been granted a Special Variance from Noise Control Ordinance in order to operate the cannons, if it proves necessary. Capt. Schmidt of the Lancaster City Police has been in contact with Frank Polan of Park City Center and Laurie Fuller, a consultant on crow behaviors. This structured plan was designed to utilize the minimum amount of noise necessary for GGP to deter crows from their property. 

        This press release was prepared so that people would be informed about the possibility of the use of cannons in the future. Any inquiries can be directed to Frank Polan  (717) 393-3852 ext. 118 or Capt. Charles Schmidt  (717) 735-3406.