6.12.12 Hit & Run, Child Struck

26 June 2012 by Lt. Umstead

Shortly after 1 pm on June 7th, 2012, Officer Michael Dean of the Lancaster City Police investigated a child struck by a vehicle in the 300 block of Ice Ave. A 5 year-old child crossing the street was struck by a blue Jeep. The occupants of the Jeep, a male driver and a pregnant female passenger, both got out of the vehicle and saw that the child was injured. Both occupants remained at the scene briefly and then got back in the vehicle and left.

     A private citizen provided surveillance video and police obtained still photos from that video. The picture here shows the vehicle involved which has been identified as a 1999-2004 Jeep Cherokee Laredo. The vehicle is dark blue with grey plastic trim around the bottom of the vehicle. There appears to be a sticker on the bottom center of the rear window.

     The driver is described as a Hispanic male subject, wearing a black T-shirt and dark colored long shorts. He is pictured driving the vehicle. The pregnant female passenger appears to be wearing a green shirt, dark colored shorts and silver colored shoes.  She is pictured standing behind the vehicle. There was a child in a booster seat on the back seat of the Jeep. The child’s hair was pulled up in the back into a pony tail.

     The 5-year-old child sustained injured to his legs and forearms. He was treated at Lancaster General Hospital and is recuperating at home.

     Anyone with information about this vehicle or the occupants is urged to contact Officer Michael Dean at 717-735-3301. The Lancaster City Police will not release the video due to the graphic nature of the collision.