7.09.12 Burglary Prevention Tips

16 July 2012 by Sgt. Tim Frey

     During the recent hot weather the Lancaster City Bureau of Police saw an increased number of burglaries in Lancaster City. Unlocked doors, open windows, and air conditioners mounted in windows on the first floor were common issues leading to residential entries. In the case of air conditioners, while residents slept in air conditioned bedrooms on the second floor, burglars removed the air conditioner on the first floor and entered the residence through the window.

    Residents are reminded that even though they are in the house, or sitting in the back yard, keep front doors closed and locked. Ensure that windows can’t be opened wide enough to allow someone to crawl through it by inserting a dowel in the window track. Most air conditioners come with hardware to properly seat and fasten it in the window. Don’t depend on the weight of the window or plastic molding around the air conditioner to keep the unit in place.

     The typical loot in residential burglaries is cash, jewelry and electronics such as laptops, gaming systems, cell phones and audio equipment. It’s easy to sell on the street for easy money. It’s always a good idea to photograph your property and record serial numbers. It’s and even better idea to keep that information in a safe and secure place.