8.13.12 Cop Cards check presentation

13 August 2012 by SGT Timothy Frey

          At 6 pm on Tuesday, August 14th, 2012, the Riverside Camping Association will present a check to the Lancaster City Police Department to purchase 10 (ten) sets of “Cop Cards.” The presentation will take place at the Riverside Camping Association, 730 E. Strawberry St., Lancaster.


          In the mid 1990's police trading cards, or Cop Cards, were very popular. Several Lancaster City Officers secured community or business sponsors and purchased trading cards that many children collected. Officers couldn't go to an event or walk the street without a child asking, "Do you have a card?" Trading cards are excellent community relations tools that encourage children to approach and talk to police, engage community resources as sponsors for the cards, promote a sponsor and demonstrate community support.


          Of the 10 sets of cards purchased by the Riverside Camping Association, 7 sets are reserved for Lancaster City Police School Resource Officers who are assigned to various schools in the School District of Lancaster.


           If an organization or business would like to sponsor an officer the cost is $166 for 2000 cards. Sponsors can have their name and logo printed on the card and they will receive 200 cards out of the order. Anyone interested in sponsoring an officer, or would like more details, contact Sergeant Tim Frey, Crime Prevention Sergeant, at (717) 735-3481 or freyt@police.co.lancaster.pa.us .


Chief Sadler's cop card


Officer McVey's cop card