8.29.12 Horse and K-9 Unit Benefit Show

29 August 2012 by SGT Timothy Frey

5th Annual Lancaster Mounted Patrol and Canine Unit Benefit Horse Show


            On September 9, 2012 the Columbia Riding Club will host the 5th Annual Lancaster Mounted Patrol and Canine Unit Benefit Horse Show. The horse show, which is open to the public at no charge, begins at 9 a.m. and will be held at the Columbia Riding Club, 18th and Franklin Streets, Columbia PA.  The Benefit Horse Show will offer English and Western classes.  Food is available on the grounds.

            At noon, the Columbia Riding Club and the Lancaster City Police Foundation will remember Shannon Zimmer Rineer and Terry B. Ressler, two well respected professionals from the equestrian community who both died in 2012. Both trainers had supported the Benefit Horse Show since its inception. The memorial will begin with a musical ride performed by their students, Leah Martin and James Glazier. The Columbia Riding Club will unveil plaques made in their honor.

            Following the commemoration, Officer Ryan Hockley and his canine partner, Leo, will demonstrate drug search and bite work.  In addition, mounted police officers Eric Lukacs, Scott MacDonald and Wayne McVey will demonstrate the use of horses in police work. Bethlehem City Mounted Officer Mike Leaser and his horse will join them. Mounted officers will be on the grounds throughout the show to meet with the public and to answer questions. 


            Although the city of Lancaster pays the salaries of Mounted Patrol and Canine officers, private contributions cover other essential expenses. During the past year, privately raised funds supported training costs for mounted officers and police dogs and covered all other operating expenses. The Lancaster City Police Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, is responsible for receiving and disbursing funds on behalf of the Mounted and Canine Patrols. 


            Additional information regarding the Benefit Horse Show is available at the Columbia Riding Club website – www.columbiarc.org or by calling Mary Glazier at (717)872-7049 or (717)371-5663.


Lancaster City Police Foundation

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