Officer Ted Makauskas Retires After 26 Years of Service

4 September 2012 by SGT Timothy Frey

     Today was Officer Ted Maukaskas' last day with the Lancaster City Police. After completing 26 years of service "Officer Ted" has retired and accepted a position with the IU-13. 
     For the last 10 years Officer Makauskas has been assigned as a School Resource Officer specializing in TEAM (Teaching Educating and Mentoring) within the School District of Lancaster. Officer Makauskas teaches a variety of school and personal safety topics to children in all grades. From teaching first graders when and how to call 911, to teaching senior high school students about positive decision-making skills and drug and alcohol prevention, Officer Makauskas has been a positive influence to countless school students. An imposing figure standing 6 foot 6 inches, you can ask any student in the School District of Lancaster if they know a police officer and just about every student will tell you that they know “Officer Ted.”
     In addition to his responsibilities as a TEAM officer, Officer Makauskas has partnered with the School District of Lancaster and set up a Christmas gift drive for disadvantaged children. He solicits school principals for the names of students who most likely won’t receive Christmas gifts. In the first year of the program he supported 25 children. The program now supports well over 200 children through donations from local businesses and organizations. Last year, and for the first time, Officer Makauskas distributed 30 new bicycles from an anonymous donor. Each year the program grows as more businesses, organizations, and individuals get involved.
In 2009, Officer Makauskas was selected by NASRO (National Association of School Resource Officers) for their Exceptional Service Award for the mid-Atlantic region. His accomplishments included teaching more 1,000 safety and life lessons in the schools each year. Officer Makauskas was one of six officers to receive the national award. In addition to the national award, Officer Makauskas has received numerous letters, cards, and individual school awards for his service to the School District of Lancaster.
Officer Makauskas is retired from the Pennsylvania National Guard after 30 years of service to his state and country. Retiring as a sergeant first class, he worked as a military liaison for the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA). He volunteers his time for Camp Cadet, a week-long law enforcement summer camp for teens sponsored by the Pennsylvania State Police. For the last 9 years Officer Makauskas has assisted as a counselor for the overnight camp. His extensive police experience, coupled with his experience as a soldier, makes him a role-model to young teens.
     Officer Makauskas is also well known in the athletic community. He has coached basketball for 36 years through the PIAA (Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association) and 9 years at the college level. He recently began coaching football through the PIAA and in his spare time he umpires youth baseball.
     Officer Makauskas possess the rare quality of knowing how to deal with children. In order to reduce crime in the communities it is often necessary to teach children from the start the difference from right and wrong. In some cases, particularly in an urban environment, children aren’t taught the difference between right and wrong in the home. Officer Makauskas not only teaches children at all ages, but he knows them and follows their progress as they move from grade to grade, school to school. His lessons in the school are not only important legal lessons, but important life lessons as well. His refereeing position often puts him in contact with students involved in sports. His military background instilled discipline, honor, self-respect and a sense of duty of which he is not afraid to share with students and adults. Officer Makauskas is married with two teenage sons, one in high school and one a sophomore in college.