Public Drunkenness Arrest, Subject Injured in Fall

1 September 2012 by Lt. Todd Umstead

At 8:10 P.M. Friday, August 31, 2012, Lancaster City Police Officer Hank Barrie and Sergeant Gary McCrady were on patrol in the 300 block of S. Queen St. when they observed Ubaldo Ramos-Rodriguez, 71 years old, resident of the 500 block of Rockland St., Lancaster, sitting outside of a property that the officers knew was not his residence. As the officers approached, Ramos-Rodriguez stood up and began to walk south on Queen St. As he did so, he knocked over a large bottle of beer that was on the sidewalk at his feet. The officers noticed that Ramos-Rodriguez was unsteady on his feet. He showed additional signs of intoxication, including bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, and an odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath. A female citizen approached the officers and informed them that she had seen this man trip and fall on the sidewalk prior to the officers' arrival.

Since Ramos-Rodriguez was intoxicated to the point that he could not safely navigate under his own power and was a danger to himself, he was taken into custody and transported to the police station to be charged with Public Drunkenness and Possession in Public Places Prohibited (for possessing the open beer bottle).

Ramos-Rodriguez was escorted to the booking area in the holding facility of the police station. Off. Barrie removed Ramos-Rodriguez' handcuffs, retrieved a chair and directed Ramos-Rodriguez to sit down. Ramos-Rodriguez turned and began to stumble backwards. Ramos-Rodriguez fell to the floor, striking the back of his head on the floor in the booking area. Off. Barrie and members of the jail staff immediately called for an ambulance and began administering first aid to Ramos-Rodriguez. This entire incident was recorded on the jail section's surveillance cameras.   

EMS personnel arrived and transported Ramos-Rodriguez to Lancaster General Hospital where he remains in the Trauma Unit in stable but critical condition with a serious head injury.